16th – 18th December from 3:30 to 7:00 pm 
@ Cripta747 – Via Catania 15/F, Turin

The work developed by Hugo de Almeida Pinho for Cripta747 addresses certain cultural and social imaginaries associated with solar capitalism and its relation to subjects such as the neoliberalization and commodification of nature and the technological forms and politics of visibility and invisibility that shape our relationship with the Sun.

Condemning a form of heliocentrism that develops procedures of marginality, appropriation and energetic colonialism, this project reflects on the critical realities linked to solar capitalism, but, also, about scientific works involved in the observation of Sun’s activity – creating a parallel between two specific contemporary forms of human connection with the Sun that are intrinsically linked to technology: the solar energy production in the Moroccan region of Ouarzazate and the unceasing Sun’s monitoring made by solar physicists.

This artistic investigation also brings together a series of heterogeneous and ancestral perspectives on the Sun like its connotation with shamanism and other cultural representations.


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